Martial Universe [Wu Dong Qian Kun] Season 4

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? episodes · ONA Ongoing Martial Universe Season 4, Wu Dong Qian Kun Season 4 武动乾坤 第4季

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Lin Dong, the male protagonist, is introduced to the art of cultivation by a mysterious seal. He travels throughout the land to perfect his skills. On his adventures, he meets two very different women in Ling Qingzhu (and Ying Huanhuan) and becomes romantically involved with them both. Lin Dong rises to be a highly respected cultivator through his determination and sheer determination. Lin Dong learns more about the world’s darkest secrets as Lin Dong gains power. Soon, he discovers that the demon sect is plotting to overthrow the world. The three young men join hands with righteous martial arts to defeat all evil and restore peace to the land.

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